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Immerse yourself and emerge a transformed writer.

September 2019

3-Day Screenwriting Workshop: This dynamic workshop consists of lecture, discussion, and analysis of video clips, script excerpts, and the students’ work. Craft lectures will be tailored to the interests, experience and current work of the participants. Although this class is mostly lecture, there will be plenty of opportunity for interaction, questions and agreed-upon tangential exploration.

“This was not just a class. It was a reconditioning of my creative mind. It was, for me, as well as the others who attended, a life changing experience.”

Jill Wallace

3-Day (Friday–Sunday) September 13–15 - Pittsburgh

5 Day Screenwriting Intensive: You will get two extra days to focus on advanced topics, with additional in-depth look at structure, sequences, your voice and scene writing. Students receive feedback on their scenes, a chance to rewrite them, and watch them performed by a group of professional actors.

“Jim approaches the subject as a film lover with exhaustive knowledge of and a fascination with how this stuff works.”

James Kenney

5-Day (Friday–Tuesday) September 13–17 - Pittsburgh

One-on-One Workshop Packages

Bundle the class with one of my story analysis services for a discount and additional feedback on your script during the class itself!

“Jim's greatest strength is his ability to analyze and dissect scenes at a molecular level. I brought material from a feature I'd been working on and saw it come to life before my eyes in ways I didn't expect. It was one of the more meaningful experiences of my writing life.”

Susanna Rennes

Coaching service includes feedback and interaction throughout your entire writing process—on as many drafts and in-between-drafts discussions as necessary to bring your script to market. On average, this involves 50-60 pages of notes as well as 30-40 hours of my time spent directly on your script.

Professional Analysis service provides 15–25 pages of in-depth notes on your script.

With either package, you can choose to have the notes or first-round of feedback before or after the class. Students who participate will have slightly more personal feedback during the class itself. These services augment the workshop experience and will accelerate the development of your script and your craft as a writer.

COACHING PACKAGE - 10% discount + entry into class


Email me to discuss or sign up for these packages.

Testimonials from Jim’s Former Students

Jim Mercurio is a whirlwind of energy and enthusiasm, a bracing blast of insight into how to make every scene, every line of dialogue, every beat and every blade of grass serve your story.

Seeing a movie — or better yet, your own script — through Jim’s eyes is like playing a round of golf with Arnold Palmer. Moves you never imagined are revealed, and techniques you thought you knew cold are plumbed to greater depths.

To truly appreciate Jim’s enthusiasm and generosity you must experience it firsthand, which I wholeheartedly recommend.

Immerse yourself and emerge a transformed writer.

John Dummer

Jim’s approach is not dogmatic … There’s plenty of room for questions, differing points of view and input from attendees … (it’s) a thought-provoking, dynamic workshop guaranteed to push your creative boundaries.

Mark Penberthy

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