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Why Coaching is Better than Notes


Price: $4000

Think of Script Coaching as a Master Class in screenwriting - Graduate School for one. Jim delves into every aspect of your script—concept, sequence, structure, scenes, action description, character development, dialogue and more—to help you achieve a polished, ready-for-market script. Whether you want a gentle nudge or a strong backwind while sprinting toward a deadline, Jim helps you cross the finish line.

Script Coaching moves beyond static notes that function like a one-way monologue and taps into your creative potential with a dialogue, a back-and-forth that provides “in-the moment” progress. Jim champions your work, and your potential, as he tailors his collaboration to your individual learning style and shepherds your craft and project to their highest level.

Feedback on several drafts of your script via written notes, phone/Skype calls, emails, optional homework/study, and, depending on geography, in-person meetings.

A typical Coaching scenario entails 30–50 hours of personal attention, including 25–40 pages of notes.

Get two scripts at once as Mentoring, which will have the added benefit of enabling Jim to recognize more patterns in your writing style and add additional insight into your craft, tremendously accelerating your growth as a writer. When you sign up for Mentoring (two scripts), you save up to $2,000 from the price of two services.

Comprehensive Analysis

Price: $800

You will receive notes on structure, character, story, pace, subplots, theme, dialogue, marketability, and action description. I will even edit a few passages to suggest a more efficient prose style. This service averages 12–16 pages of notes, which include dozens of comments on individual pages plus a several-page essay on big-picture concerns. I offer solutions for most problems that I find. The Comprehensive Script Analysis includes a follow up phone call that allows you to clarify concerns brainstorm solutions, or ask specific questions. Writers who choose to upgrade to my coaching service may deduct this initial cost.

Snapshot Analysis

PRICE: $200

Jim provides a page of concentrated bullet-point feedback and optional follow-up call. The Snapshot Evaluation's succinct clarity gives you a sense of where you are with your script and writing craft as well as a hint of where you should be headed. Consider this as a way for you to see how I approach your material and to get a glimpse of how we might be able to work together to achieve your goals in more of a "Go Big or Go Home" way through the coaching or mentoring process.

Treatment Analysis

Price: $400

Jim analyzes your treatment, synopsis, or outline for a feature-length screenplay. This service averages five pages of notes, questions, and suggestions along with a 20-minute phone call to discuss ideas and brainstorm solutions. This service lends itself to concepts that are more genre- and story-driven.

Limit of ten double-spaced pages.

Scene/Craft Analysis

Price: $500

Whereas most notes focus on the structure of your story, this services provides an assessment of your craft. Jim's book The Craft of Scene Writing which will be released in 2019 by Linden Publishing is the first-ever screenwriting book focusing solely on scene writing. Jim's attention to the minutiae of craft is his specialty. Not every scene will be critiqued, but the feedback and a summary of recurring patterns will evaluate your craft on the spot.

Professional Analysis

Price: $1,200

You will receive notes on structure, character, story, pace, subplots, theme, dialogue, marketability, and action description. This service averages more than 20 pages of notes and includes comments on individual scenes plus an essay on big-picture concerns. I offer solutions for every comment. This service surpasses the Comprehensive Analysis by delving into more nitty-gritty detail and into the inner workings of more scenes. I will raise your standards for your own material and show you how to surpass them. My favorite mode of working is Coaching, because of its interactive back-and-forth nature. This service is the next best thing. Writers who choose to upgrade to my coaching service may deduct this initial cost.

Television & Additional Services

Whether you are writing your spec script or need rush-feedback before going into production, my diverse professional points of view can help you succeed in this competitive field. I work with screenwriters, TV writers, comedians, as well as writers of short form formats including ads, songs and sketches.

I am also available for custom services such as on-set mentoring for directors, script doctoring (hiring me as a writer), or development for comedy routines or one-man or one-woman shows.

We offer a version of the above services for television scripts and analysis of bibles for pilots. You can choose me or one of my associates who specialize in TV projects. Contact me for details on pricing or services.

To Order

Many of my services are intensive, interactive, and ongoing. They are a significant commitment you make to your script, your craft and your career. Please get in touch with any questions or if you want schedule a pressure-free discussion about how I can help you to meet and exceed your screenwriting goals.

To order service(s), email material in PDF (preferred), RTF, or Final Draft format to . You can submit payment via PayPal to the same email address. If you have any questions about services, pricing or payment, or if you want me to create PayPal invoice, please email me. I look forward to working with you.

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