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I can’t guarantee that you can write a great script in seven days and sell it for a zillion dollars. However, my decades of experience as a screenwriter, development exec and filmmaker can help you grow as a writer and improve your script—today.

Ranked 5th in the Country
"The best example I've seen of how an analyst can give concrete help without veering off the track of your story... (he) is not just telling you how to rewrite a particular script... much of what he said could be applied to future work as well."
— Nancy Hendrickson in her review of 24 script consultants in Creative Screenwriting magazine

As a story analyst, I immerse myself in your material—taking cues from your work, mining your script—to help you elevate it and your writing to their fullest potential. Having read more than 5,000 scripts, I know that not all screenplays or screenwriters fit into one mold. My clients include students, international rock stars and Oscar-nominated A-listers. One of my strengths as a script consultant is that I adapt to each writer and script.

Coaching and Mentoring are my preferred approach because they are interactive and ongoing. We make a commitment to not only an individual script but to your continual growth as a screenwriter. If you focus on writing an amazing script, the business side takes care of itself. Many clients who started as amateurs have since placed highly in or won contests, sold scripts, or have been hired to rewrite projects. If you are considering Coaching or Mentoring, I can set up a call where you can talk to a client for a reference.

I produced the award-winning feature film Hard Scrambled starring Kurtwood Smith (That 70's Show)and directed the horror-thriller Last Girl, and they are currently being distributed by BrinkVision and are available on Google Play and Amazon. The Washington Post called the filmmaking tutorials I directed Making Hard Scrambled Movies "a must for would-be filmmakers."

I am currently finishing up the first ever screenwriting book that focuses solely on scene writing for Linden Publishing. If you want to get a taste of the unparalleled specificity in my teaching for topics like dialogue, scene writing, theme and concept, order my 10-hour DVD set Complete Screenwriting: From A to Z to A-List. Here’s its short trailer and extended one.

Whether you are writing your spec script or need rush-feedback before going into production, my diverse professional points of view can help you succeed in this competitive field. I work with screenwriters, TV writers, comedians, as well as writers of short form formats including ads, songs and sketches.

My services are intensive, interactive, and often ongoing, so please get in touch with questions or for a no-pressure chat on how I can help you to exceed your screenwriting goals.

Jim Mercurio

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