For references, please contact recurring clients Michael Lent or Jim Cirile.

"After I hired Jim for his Professional Script Analysis, I was amazed that his comments went deeper than books and college courses. I watched his DVDs, and then asked him how I could better myself as a screenwriter. After he revealed he had a set of teaching paradigms which functioned as a course, I committed to flying across the country for a week-long intensive training session. Having been world-class in another field, I know it when I see it: Jim's mentoring is world-class."

—Wayne Chiang
1999 StarCraft World Champion

"Jim Mercurio provides concise, comprehensive instruction and challenges writers to develop their craft and take their writing to the next level."

—Jason Pila
(Experienced screenwriter,  producer, story editor, consultant, instructor,
and member of the American Screenwriters Association's Board of Directors)

“Had Jim Mercurio been one of the consultants I reviewed when I did my 'Analyzing the Analysts' article for Creative Screenwriting magazine, he would have walked away with top honors… More than any other analyst I've ever used, Jim gives USEFUL and incisive comments. Further, Jim proposes solutions for every problem he finds, many of which were right on the money. I rewrote my last screenplay utilizing almost every one of Jim's notes, and the script went from "pass" to "wow!" in under a week. You can't do better than this guy.”
Jim Cirile
(multi-produced WGA screenwriter)
Los Angeles, CA

“I'm a newcomer. I don't want to feel good. I need to be challenged. Jim challenged me and my writing in a very constructive way. If you are a talented writer who wants to become the best writer possible with the best script possible and you are willing to walk the extra mile, Jim is the one who can help you get there. He did it for me."
—Mirco Betz
(Sold script Peace of Light to Roland Emmerich/Centropolis)
Los Angeles, CA

“Jim Mercurio is a crucial part of my development process. He is a rare blend of storytelling intuition and an analytical mind. So Jim always understands both the big and little picture of where I'm trying to go with each project and helps me get there. That's why I consult with him for both studio assignments and specs.”
Michael Lent
(Lent has worked on the feature films Hellseeker for Miramax/Dimension and
13 at Universal. His book Breakfast With Sharks was published by Random House)
Los Angeles, CA

“I can't recommend Jim enough. Twice now he has nailed beautifully the problems I was having with my story, but couldn't put my finger on. With the first story, I incorporated his suggestions and my screenplay was optioned within the week. If you've got a 'polished' screenplay that isn't selling, stop beating your head against the wall and contact this guy.”
—David Hodel

“I have been going over your notes like the Dead Sea Scrolls. You got
me nailed.... Can't find much, strike that, ANYTHING I disagree with.”
—Lawrence Tassel
Boston, MA

“Jim’s feedback was invaluable. His knowledge of film genre, theory, formulas and structure is exceptional. After working with Jim, my script was optioned by an Academy Award-nominated director.”
—Pam Bassuk
Burbank, CA

“All I can say is WOW. Jim really spent a lot of time and did his homework. His attention to detail was astounding… he almost knew my script better than I did.”
—Mike McCarty
(Sold treatment for Junk to Dimension Films)
Los Angeles, CA

“I am not new to script consultants. For the last eight years I have worked with them on and off to get my scripts off the ground, to overcome the usual obstacles of the second act and then finally, to get them to a marketable state ready to submit to the industry. A long and sometimes tedious process, not to mention an expensive one.

I would also enter those competitions which offered feedback, to see how I might best tweak or drastically change the script, based on the Reader's perspective. This ultimately served just to further confuse the issue...

...And then I found Jim Mercurio.

I had the privilege of attending Jim's Killer Screenwriting class in LA in 2008. This was not just a class. It was a reconditioning of my creative mind. It was, for me, as well as the others who attended, a life changing experience.

That course in itself would have been enough to change my writing for the better, forever.

But I was in a time crunch. I had applied what Jim's class had taught me, but I didn't have the luxury of more time to come up with the much-needed major fixes... and I couldn't take the chance of submitting a less-than-fabulous-script to the 15 production companies and agents who had requested the script at a Pitchfest. Time was running out...

...And Jim saved me.

He took an ambitious, challenging drama that most had said was "perfect for a novel" (the kiss of death for a screenwriter) and he helped me turn it into a 112 page screenplay which I am finally proud of.

He not only guided me through the process, he did it quickly and after hours to help me meet my deadline.

As a script consultant, Jim miraculously gets the best out of you....not by only finding the problems, but by kindly, gently helping you find the solutions.

He doesn't criticize, he nurtures. He doesn't tell you WHAT to write, but he throws out a thought and suddenly you know HOW to write. He hints at the best fix allowing you to add your unique style and flavor to achieve the best result.

The man's a genius.

If you're undecided whether you need a script consultant, CALL ME! (321) 223-7256. You'll find Jim's the best thing you can do for your writing, for yourself, for your future.”

—Jill Wallace

“Jim Mercurio is such an indescribable force, so it's hard to summarize. He's a stickler for understanding structure, beats and sequence turning points, but he's a totally open creative thinker and worker. A phenomenal brainstormer, Jim has the ability to look at things in totally different, but workable ways. He really believes in helping his students write the script that is inside of them. When the process has been completed, the writer has the script he/she set out to write; only it's much, much better.

Relentless comes to mind, when I think of Jim and his process, because he's such a perfectionist and demands the most out of every word, character, sequence, action and description. On my last script, we worked all day and all night, mostly via e-mail, and on the phone, but sometimes in person. "In person" with Jim is really fun, crazy and productive because it's so creative and collaborative.

I learned so many things from Jim that I didn't know that I didn't know and he taught me to really "see" films. In his heart he's a director, and I really think that helps in the way that he looks at every scene, because he's so visual and hilarious when he blocks out the scenes or reads lines.

Jim truly cares about making sure that every word works. I can't count how many times he said, "You're almost there." But when the process was finally over and he blessed the script, there's was such a huge feeling of elation and accomplishment, that it made it all worth it.”

—Jan Stanton